Thorough cleaning, quality service and customer satisfaction are some of the main areas that our company focuses on when it comes to restoration. Our team works exclusively in cleaning and restoration, providing our services to homes and businesses throughout the area. At ServiceMaster By Johnson, we work hard to get the job done the first time and to ensure your satisfaction.

Our cleaning and restoration services include the following:

  • Water: Damage from water can occur from a number of factors and when it does take place in your home or business, the effects can be catastrophic. Water can seep into deep corners and can cause mold, structural damage and more. It’s important that a professional detects and repairs damage to ensure it is completely taken care of.
  • Fire and Smoke: When fires are put out, the damage that remains can often be severe. Flames may burn through furniture, walls and anything else in its way, but smoke can also work it’s way deep into your home. Repair is often difficult and should be done by an experienced technician that knows what they are doing.
  • Mold: There are various causes of mold but it is often the result of water or moisture building in your home and providing the perfect habitat for mold to grow. This can be damaging for your home or business, and can even lead to complicated health issues as well. Ensure you and your family are safe with proper mold remediation.
  • Floor Care: Floors sustain a lot of damage from everyday wear and tear to the disasters that may occur. Investing in a completely new floor can be expensive, and in many cases cleaning services are the best option to make a floor look close to new. With our services, you can rest assured that your carpets can properly be restored.

Schedule your restoration services with our team or request a free consultation by contacting us at 916-983-8084.