Following a fire, you should turn to us immediately. Attempting to repair the damage can be dangerous and may actually lead to further destruction. Fire and smoke can cause significant damage that should be handled by a professional and our experienced team is able to assess and repair all types of destruction. As soon as your home or business has been deemed safe by the authorities, we are able to begin the process of our fire damage restoration services. Our team uses the latest systems and technology and we are always staying on top of any advancements that could help us serve you better.

We have a thorough five-step fire and smoke restoration process that includes the following:

    Emergency response and pre-cleaning
    Cleaning content
    Content packout
    Cleaning walls and ceilings
    Removing odors

Through each step we are able to address an important aspect of the damage caused by smoke and fire. Our experienced team can begin to restore your home or business to its’ pre-disaster state. Contact us as soon as possible at 916-983-8084 so that we can get started.